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Why You Should Invest in and Utilize Hybrid Cloud Solutions


If you're a small business owner you may have thought about outsourcing some of your IT services before. This is an option that offers many benefits, such as on-call expertise and competitive pricing. But have you thought about outsourcing your data storage solutions?

This is a prospect that can seem daunting at first. But look a little closer, and you'll soon see that this can be a smart and even necessary move for businesses-of all types and sizes.

The hybrid cloud is a particular type of data storage service that your company may want to avail of. If you're curious about why, read on to find out some of the

compelling benefits.

An Aberdeen 2019 study showed that 78% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that used hybrid cloud were able to achieve IT flexibility—compared to only 36% of other SMBs.

What Is the Hybrid Cloud Model?

First and foremost, for those who don't know, the hybrid cloud model is a type of cloud computing solution. Cloud data storage refers to an entity choosing to store all or part of its data on the servers of a third-party vendor. These servers are accessible from anywhere in the world.

The difference between regular cloud storage and the hybrid cloud model is that the hybrid cloud combines a private cloud with one or more public cloud services. Proprietary software enables easy communication between the services.

Added Security

In this day and age, cybersecurity is something that everyone needs to be thinking of. From large-scale attacks such as the NSW Health breach to smaller everyday incidents targeting small businesses. It seems as though nobody is safe.

In fact, cybercriminals have been known to target small businesses in particular. The shocking statistic that 2 out of 3 Australian small or medium businesses fell victim to cyberattacks last year is one that shouldn't be ignored. What's more, small businesses are usually more vulnerable to this type of attack and are disproportionally affected by monetary losses.

With all this said, it's clear that most SMBs could use all the extra security they can get. It's great news then, that one of the many benefits of migrating data onto the cloud is added security from cyber threats.

Cloud computing centers are, by nature, almost certainly much safer and secure than whatever your current method of data storage is. Keep up with the constantly evolving threats online by housing your data somewhere you know it's secure.

Increased Agility

If you want to remain competitive as a business, it's important to increase agility in all the areas you possibly can. While this is often easier said than done, utilizing a hybrid cloud storage solution is one simple way to do so.

By making the decision to store all of your data across platforms that are accessible from anywhere in the world, you're making your business more flexible, infallible, and accessible. Choosing multi-cloud platform strategies in order to disperse your workload amplifies these strengths even further.

Give Your Business a Leg Up Today

If you want to increase your agility, strengthen your business continuity, and upgrade your cybersecurity, then you may want to consider signing up for hybrid cloud storage. If this is something you'd like to discuss, we'd be more than happy to talk you through your options. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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