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Simplify Your Office365 Tenancy Migration with Blueshield

Statistics on Office365 Email Users

As businesses in Australia seek streamlined data management, Office365 has become a popular choice, providing powerful collaboration tools and centralized communication platforms. When it comes to migrating Office365 tenancy to a new environment, Blueshield, a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP), offers comprehensive migration services tailored to Australian businesses. In this blog post, we will explore how Blueshield simplifies the migration process and back it up with statistics on the significant number of Office365 email users in Australia.

Understanding Office365 Tenancy Migration in Australia

Office365 tenancy migration involves transferring the entire Office365 environment, including users, emails, documents, and configurations, to a new tenancy within Australia. This complex process requires careful planning, execution, and technical expertise to minimize disruptions to your operations.

Streamlined Planning and Assessment for Australian Businesses:

Blueshield adopts a meticulous approach to Office365 tenancy migration, beginning with detailed planning and assessment phases. Their team collaborates closely with Australian organizations to understand their current environment, user requirements, mailbox sizes, permissions, and third-party integrations. Through a comprehensive assessment, Blueshield identifies potential challenges and designs a migration roadmap tailored to the specific needs of Australian businesses.

Seamless Data Migration within Australia:

Data integrity and security during migration are paramount. Blueshield utilizes industry-leading migration tools and methodologies to ensure secure and efficient data transfer. Whether migrating emails, SharePoint sites, OneDrive files, or Teams data, Blueshield's skilled technicians minimize downtime and eliminate data loss, all while adhering to Australian data protection regulations.

Efficient User Provisioning and Configuration:

Blueshield streamlines the user provisioning process, setting up user accounts, configuring permissions, and ensuring a consistent user experience during Office365 tenancy migration. They align user accounts correctly with the new tenancy and configure security settings, compliance policies, and user access controls to guarantee a seamless transition within Australia's regulatory framework.

Testing and Validation:

Blueshield conducts thorough testing and validation to mitigate potential risks during the migration process. This ensures that all functionalities and integrations work seamlessly, minimizing disruptions for end-users. Their team collaborates closely with Australian IT staff to address any issues or concerns that arise, resulting in a smooth handover to the new Office365 tenancy.

Post-Migration Support Tailored for Australian Businesses:

Blueshield provides comprehensive post-migration support to ensure a successful transition. They assist Australian businesses in adapting to the new environment, addressing any challenges that may arise. Their responsive help desk is available to promptly resolve any questions or issues after the migration, facilitating a smooth integration into the new Office365 tenancy.

Statistics on Office365 Email Users in Australia:

  • According to recent data, Office365 has experienced significant adoption in Australia, with over 200,000 organizations using the platform (Source: Microsoft).

  • As of 2021, it is estimated that there are approximately 5 million active Office365 users in Australia (Source: Statista).

  • Office365 email usage has grown steadily in Australia, with a projected increase of 5.2% annually (Source: Radicati Group).


Migrating Office365 tenancy to a new environment can be complex, but with Blueshield's expertise, the process becomes seamless for Australian businesses. Backed by statistics highlighting the substantial number of Office365 email users in Australia, Blueshield's comprehensive planning, secure data migration, efficient user provisioning, and robust post-migration support ensure a successful Office365 tenancy migration. Trust Blueshield as your Managed Service Provider in Australia, and experience a stress-free transition to a new Office365 environment.


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