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Increase productivity and optimize your workforce 

With Employee Productivity Monitoring, you can unlock the full potential of your workforce and achieve greater success.

Gain insights into employee performance, identify gaps, and make data-driven decisions to drive efficiency in your organization. 


Unlock the hidden potential of your workforce.

Gain valuable insights into your team's productivity and bridge the gaps in their performance with our advanced employee productivity monitoring tools.


From top executives to frontline employees, our platform visualizes data and empowers you to make informed decisions for a more effective business.

Uncover Workforce Insights

Track the work hours of your employees accurately

Understand how your team spends their time and unlock their full potential. With time tracking tools, you can identify areas of improvement, streamline workflows, and optimize productivity. Maximize efficiency and drive success with employee productivity monitoring.

Enhance Team Performance & Retention

Manage admins, managers, and users effortlessly

Don't just settle for productivity, strive for effectiveness. Uncover unseen workforce gaps and visualize data from top executives to frontline employees. With productivity analytics, gain valuable insights into your team's work patterns and identify areas for improvement. Empower your team to reach their full potential and achieve success.

Get Peace of Mind

Automatically create sophisticated team reports

Don't just settle for productivity, strive for effectiveness. Gain real-time visibility into your employees' online and offline activities to uncover hidden gaps and optimize performance. From top executives to frontline employees, our employee productivity monitoring tools provide the insights you need to unlock the full potential of your workforce.

How Can Blueshield Help?

Whether you are a large organization with many employees, or a Small and medium business looking to track employees work hours, BlueShield can help!

Strategic Planning

Tailor a strategy to bring your creative vision to life, ensuring that technology aligns seamlessly with your goals.

Data Security & Compliance

Protect sensitive information and maintain compliance standards without hindering your creative processes.

Training & Support

Empower your team with the knowledge and tools they need to drive innovation effortlessly, promoting a culture of creative excellence.

IT Infrastructure Management

Streamline operations, freeing up valuable time and resources for what truly matters—bringing your cultural mission to life with efficiency and passion.

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