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Send, post, tweet, share and Track the results.

Use email and social media marketing to get more business

Business advertising has never been so easy! Regular emails and weekly posts to social media sites keep customers coming back again and again. What’s more, they increase website visitors, help close sales, and reduce marketing costs over time.

Email gets the word out

  • Start making more money from current customers now. Just import your mailing list into our List Manager and go!
  • Tell customers about upcoming promotions, special offers, and new products and services.
  • Real-time reports show you how many people received, opened, and acted on your emails.

Social media multiplies your efforts

  • Show you care about customers by meeting them in their favourite online hangouts.
  • Communicate with thousands at once – when someone asks a question on Facebook or Twitter, everyone can see your answer.
  • Multiply your promotional efforts – each fan or follower shares your messages with their own personal network of friends.

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