Disaster Recovery Management

Consider Your Own OrganisationWhat would happen if natural disaster or hardware failure struck?

Even if you are reasonably confident, now is a good time to review your disaster recovery plan to ensure that you are doing everything possible to protect your company’s valuable data. What would happen, if a natural disaster or a hardware failure destroyed all of your vital data? Are you confident that your Business Contingency/Continuity plans and knowledge of disaster recovery processes are strong enough to help you recover your lost data?

Disaster Recovery Management and Business continuity is a critical part of any organisation’s ICT infrastructure, which ensures the maximum uptime and defence against technology failure or data loss. As the technology is evolving and changing rapidly, the integration of multiple vendors in a typical ICT environment is inevitable. To keep up with technology and risks, BlueShield provides Disaster Recovery Consultancy Services which will manage, customise and review either your existing or new Disaster Recovery Plan, with the following focus in mind:

  • Reduce the Business Risks and Problems facing the Organisations
  • Minimize downtime on site failures
  • Minimize the Insurance Costs
  • Adhere to Regulatory Compliance

How BlueShield – Disaster Recovery Management can help?

Backed up Data is not good enough if you don’t have any technical plans!

BlueShield understands the potential of Disasters and Risks associated with a Business. Our Team of Qualified Technicians and Engineers had implemented customized Disaster Recovery Strategy in many Organisations to help them running their business with peace of mind. BlueShield Disaster Recovery Management Consulting Services are designed to effectively cover a wide range of Risk and Problems that your Organisation might be facing. Our Consulting Team works in conjunction with your Technical Team and ICT environment to formulate Strategy to maximize uptime, helping in reaching the Business Goals. BlueShield Technology can help you in following ways:

  • Asses and Review your existing Risk Analysis
  • Asses you Review existing Business Continuity Plan
  • Assess your ICT Infrastructure & Assets
  • Assess your Business Requirements
  • Asses your complex Network Requirement and Dependency
  • Recommendations on Infrastructure Assessments
  • Plan and Assist in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Processes
  • Assess and Review existing Backup Technology

BlueShield – Disaster Recovery Approach


We do it right, from the start!

BlueShield has incorporated a very Dynamic approach while developing Disaster Recovery, Business Contingency plans for your ICT infrastructure. As different organisations run on different, multiple Vendors with varied Service Level Agreements, our Approach incorporates different stages in the planning process.

Our Dynamic approach is subdivided accordingly to build a coherent Plan around Disaster Recovery and Business Contingency and incorporates following major stages:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Full Assessment of risk and problems
  • Annual review of Plan and amendments to refine, test & validate.
  • Business and IT requirements and justifications
  • Implementation and Training
  • Service Level Agreements and improvements
  • Organisations Compliance check
  • Recovery procedures
  • Off-site Backup Services
  • Pro-active maintenance

BlueShield – Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Plans In Action

Real World,Real Scenarios

  • SAN Replications
  • Site to Site Replication-Tape media
  • Exchange Server HA & DRS
  • Virtual Environment HA & DRS
  • Wintel Environment DRS

What to do next?

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