Managed IT Services

Comprehensive Network Operations, IT Infrastructure and Remote Support.

Managed IT Services – Proactive in every approach.

Managed IT services is the proactive maintenance of the IT environment in order to maintain 24/7 uptime. Since technology involves systems and as well known, systems may fail, there comes the need for regular maintenance. Outsourced IT services can just work well for you. The products include servers, routers, switches, personal computers, software and storage. Event log monitoring does help a company to get much from the IT infrastructure. Capacity planning and software updates cannot be left behind. Managed services are upfront in dealing with email and network problems, network connectivity issues, data backups, pc failures, server hardware, website issues and virus cleaning and protection.

BlueShield Managed IT Services are designed to extend and automate your ICT service needs. 24×7 assets monitoring and proactive maintenance approach will reduce your ICT budget significantly. Ask us how you can save on your annual support and maintenance costs.

BlueShield Managed IT Services Features

MIS – A Complete, Cost effective and Flexible solutions for your IT needs.

  • 24x7x365 Help Desk/Support Available
  • ITILv3 Compliant Help/Service/Support Desk
  • Remote Desktop management
  • Network management, monitoring and maintenance
  • Performace optimization of existing Wintel infrastructure
  • Hardware and software maintenance and monitoring
  • PDA / Blackberry / Smartphone Support
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Remote Control Support Available
  • Web-based ticketing and tracking system, providing timely and efficient problem resolution
  • Logging of all customer contacts, problem types, and tracking of all incidents through resolution
  • Timely issue escalation
  • 5-Day by 12-Hour Support Standard

BlueShield Managed Services are capped, fixed-fee, tailored to your ICT infrastructure requirements to keep your environment running the way you need it.

BlueShield Managed IT services – Benefits

MIS – keeping your people and business productive.

    • Secure remote control – Even as you IT environment is physically away, monitoring is done and still secure. This ensures the early detection and resolution of any unwanted error to achieve maximum uptime and increase productivity.
    • Proactive alerts – Alerts are sent to concerned users in case an error or system failure is detected during monitoring. These alerts are sent with the possible cause and recommended changes.
    • Fixed monthly rates – At BlueShield, we have fixed monthly contracts. These contracts are tailored according to customer IT infrastructure and business needs. This ensures minimal impact on planned IT budget of any organization.
  • Dedicated help desk support – At BlueShield, we have experienced and well equipped helpdesk team to resolve your IT related issues on priority. You can get access to the team via call or email.

How BlueShield Technology delivers managed IT services?

MIS – we ensure reliability and stability of your IT assets.

BlueShield technology is built on the basis that management of IT services for businesses is not same as a “do it yourself” issue. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to get a vendor like BlueShield for all your IT needs. With BlueShield, you are guaranteed to get what you need. Our services are reliable, of quality and timely.

MIS – In Action

A ticket will be logged in at the BlueShield support contact center with all details of the problems and any supportive information. Tier-1 troubleshooting is done to see if there will be a quick fixing of the problem. A ticket number will be raised for the problem and this can be used later if the problem arises.The support team is armed with remote support tools in order to gather information of client’s problem in addition to information given by the client himself. If the problem is beyond Tier-1, it is escalated to Tier-2, where it will be picked up by our support engineers to perform further troubleshooting and resolutions or where applicable on-site visits. Here also, all works performed are recorded against the ticket, and engineers work towards effective resolutions with any future recommendations.

What makes BlueShield stands out?

BlueShield MIS – Virtual Extension to your IT staff

In addition to making sure your application and network is operating at peak levels, our team has a World Class organized Remote Support & Helpdesk service centre that excels in providing Tier-1 support for end user, complementing your internal IT staff’s capabilities while offloading basic support issues to our highly trained and certified engineers and technicians . BlueShield provides multiple ways of registering service request by telephone, email and remote support for industry standard or customized applications, “how-to” questions, and hardware level issues.If need be, technical teams may be send to the site and rectify the problem physically.

What to do next?

For more information, please give our technical team an obligation free call at 1300856525 or Contact our Support Center

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