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IT project management is quite complex due to the fact that the world of information technology is not on a stand still but there are constant changes that businesses have to adapt to in order to remain successful.

There are companies that specialize in this field. Because there have well trained staff who are dedicated, it is a necessity for businesses to acquire their services. The complexities of the work involved are better understood by them. Knowing that experts are working on an IT project gives the assurance that the business will get the maximum benefits from it. When employing consulting companies, the needs of the business have to be clearly outlined such that its requirements and its values are well understood by both the consultants and the clients.

There are 3 basic principles employed in the management of any project in information technology. The principles do not really stand alone and are intertwined together. They are namely the factor of Time, the Cost of the project and the Scope.

These are the principles that are employed in consideration with the life cycle of a project. The scope defines the borders of the project. The realistic scope expectations have to be founded. The principles are termed the Project Management Triangle.

The triangle has to be balanced such that one principle should not be higher than the other. As the cost increases so should the scope as well as the time. The scope should not be too big such that it becomes difficult for the project to be completed. There may be a need to divide the scopes which will have their costs and time limits. The team that is involved has to be flexible when they are working.


There are 5 common stages that are Initiation, Development, Execution, Monitoring and Closing.

In initiation, there is the analysis of the needs of the business which will also determine the scope. The budget is completed in this stage. In the development stage, there is planning the time, financial cost and the necessary resources. The next stage is execution, where the plans are carried out. The stage integrates the planned activities with the human resources of the team. The project is monitored as it is being executed. A successful project has a high performance rating. Monitoring is very useful for the health of the project to be determined. When the project is being concluded, it moves into the closing stage. This stage also signifies the end of the contract.

IT companies have some methodologies that they adapt in their management of projects. There is the traditional methodology. Under this methodology, any project can be managed. There are more modified methodologies like the Extreme Programming. This methodology uses a model for software development.

The client has to expect that the project will be managed with ease and any changes are tracked and accounted for. The client is always involved in the project and there are consultations at every level. This helps the guaranteeing of the success of the project.

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