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Facing the challenge of managing a growing volume of data

Be it a Small, Medium or Enterprise business, everyone faces the challenge of storing, managing and retrieving a growing volume of data, If this is the scenario, then we can provide you with tailor cut solution to your growing data needs. Storage solutions are easy-to-use, reliable solutions based on industry standards. Two of the prominent storage consolidation solutions being implemented today are: Networked Attached Storage (NAS) & Storage Area Networks (SANs).

BlueShield is certified in IBM, HP, DELL and NetApp SAN solutions and has implemented a wide range of large complex SAN solutions, providing ROI, Less RTO. Incorporating new technologies like deduplication and cheaper HDD, help eliminates costlier solution and accommodating future data growth efficiently.

Storage Area Networks

Dedicated Network for Storage devices and servers

A SAN is a dedicated network for storage devices and servers that eliminates the traditional dedicated connection between a server and storage. Rather than individual servers “owning and managing” the storage devices, a SAN accesses the disks as a shared storage pool.

A SAN is interconnected using components that are conceptually similar to those used in Local Area Networks (LANs): routers, hubs, switches, directors and gateways. Although the components are functionally similar, SANs typically use a high performance but more expensive technology, Fiber Channel, as their media.

SANs are excellent solutions for high-performance applications like database, e-mail and transaction processing systems. SANs provide excellent scalability, because software allows multiple SAN devices to appear as a single pool of storage accessible to the servers on the SAN. Another benefit is that the storage on a SAN can be managed from a single point of control rather than multiple management tools.

IBM SAN Solutions: Select from Enterprise, medium or Entry level category Disk storage

HP SAN Solutions: Select from MSA series

DELL SAN Solutions: Select from CX and AX Models.
Network Attached Storage

Easily and inexpensively deployed

Storage devices that are designed to optimize the concept of file sharing across an existing TCP/IP network have come to be known as Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices or servers. NAS solutions are easily and inexpensively deployed because they utilize common Ethernet (TCP) IP network technology on a LAN which is typically already in place for most customers. The data is sent to and from the NAS devices over the LAN using standard TCP/IP protocol.

The initial cost of implementation is generally much lower because the basic LAN infrastructure and often a majority of the equipment are already in place. The cost of the NAS LAN infrastructure is often significantly less expensive than Fiber Channel equipment utilized by SANs. In addition the existing IT skills and support resources can be leveraged, helping to further reduce costs of ownership.

NAS can be implemented on extending File and print Server or with separate Disk enclosures.

IBM NAS Solution: Select from N-Series Disk Enclosures or x-Series Servers

HP NAS Solution Select from Prolaint Servers or NAS All-In-One solutions

Dell NAS solution Select from Dell NX and NF range.
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