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BlueShield: one of Australia’s leading infrastructure service providers.

BlueShield Technologies Pvt Ltd (BlueShield) has a customer base second-to-none, with key Australian and international ‘blue-chip’ clients. It is one of Australia’s best integrations and full-service providers of personal computers, networking solutions and associated services. BlueShield offers small to medium scale, on-time systems installations as well as customized solutions and support. BlueShield is based in Melbourne but with accredited service and support agents throughout regional Australia.

BlueShield is an Australian, unlisted public company. It is a major provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions. BlueShield specializes in managing the life cycle of IT infrastructure by reducing the total cost of ownership. It ensures you maximize the return on your investment by understanding your IT problems and delivering scalable and implementable solutions.

A systems integrator, Blue Shield ensures all infrastructure components work together as a total solution, with the capacity to be truly managed. Its solutions are designed to evolve and support rapidly changing technology needs and increase the productivity of end-users.

From its inception in 2000, BlueShield has experienced sustained and controlled growth. This growth has been driven by its ability to provide a customized solutions approach. Using cutting-edge technology and world’s best-practice, and with focus on the core IT capabilities of provision, support, design and implementation, sales have grown considerably since conception.

BlueShield is one of Australia’s leading infrastructure service provides and operates on a national scale, servicing small to medium businesses. It continues to build on the partnerships and accreditation it holds with all major industry vendors.

BlueShield is a leader in implementing strategically-based winning solutions for greater IT efficiency and business profitability. It maximizes emerging and relevant technology initiatives to meet changing business needs by ensuring IT trends and changing business requirements are reflected in its strategic goals.

BlueShield is vendor-independent. This commitment to independence, coupled with its buying power and accreditation with the world’s best suppliers, is a combination that is virtually unmatched in the Australian marketplace. A leading supplier of IBM computer systems, peripherals, networking products and professional services, it specializes in advising, sourcing, supplying and supporting leading-brand products from vendors such as IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, CISCO, Citrix, Alloy computer products and others.

BlueShield is consistently challenging its internal processes to achieve consistent, relevant and high-quality service delivery and is certified to the International Quality Standard ISO 9002.

With an eye on future technologies, Blue Shield is strengthening its competencies in Network, Storage, VOIP IP Telephony, Unified Messaging, Wireless Personal Computing Devices and Asset Management.

The company’s continued success is based on its philosophy of providing excellent customer service, professional account management, leading-edge technology and the strength of partnerships with key vendors and clients. As it continues to pursue new opportunities both in Australia and overseas, Blue Shield remains a best-of-bread service provider in its market sector.

With a strong sales force to drive business development, Blue Shield continues to provide vendor-independent advice, consulting, leading-edge technologies and excellence in customer service standards.

In all, BlueShield will remain a company with a record of continuing success on both a local and global scale.

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